Julie Richards

Beautiful Weeds

July 2013 — Acrylic on Canvas, 20" x 24" : $300.00

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Spring Posies

March 2014 — Acrylic and Marking Pencil on Canvas, 8" x 8" : $150.00

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Dancing In The Moonlight

February 2014 — Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 20" : $200.00

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Julie Richards is an abstract impressionist artist recently located in Hamilton, Ontario. A graduate of Design Arts at Georgian College Applied Arts and Technology, her acrylics on canvas demonstrate an emotionally inspired exploration and expression of the energies of life through sounds, thoughts and feelings.  Julie’s creative process invites the viewer on a journey to explore art through the senses. Her work, always stimulated by music, represents empowerment, strength and the many nuances of the human psyche. Energy, emotion and movement provides the viewer with a personal thought or feeling of power and positive energy. Julie's pieces display different and unique feelings to the eye of the beholder, and she invites you create your own reflective narratives when viewing her work.  Julie finds inspiration from the strong women she has met in her life and the strength of the one in herself; the love that flows between individuals. Music and dance also play an integral role in Julie's creative process, both as an instigator and collaborator in her pieces. Music genres of techno, trance and electronic and sometimes classical and rock blast through her studio speakers while she works. The melodies, beats and sounds of music help Julie's raw creations as happenings in time, initiated in a moment from a thought or a feeling: an inspiration.   Julie Richards Artwork and Creations can be seen on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jrbartwork and contacted at its_4_jules@hotmail.com 289-775-4865

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