Dave Paddick

Afternoon Storm

Aug. 2012 — Photography, Total outside dia. approx 20"x24" : $350.00

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Dave Paddick I am a Life Photographer and a Storm Chaser. In the most basic sense of photography, I catch light through my lens and have it etch out the image onto a film negative or a digital sensor, to be recorded indefinitely. I would like to believe my photography is much deeper than that. I like to say “There are 3 components vital to creating art photograph, “Light, Vision, Emotion”. With light I can record the vision - what I see, I can produce a photograph. With a vision or a good eye, there is a story. If I can show you what I see and how I see it with the right light I may be able to evoke and emotion hopefully a positive emotion, although to some it’s negative. In either case I hope for one word to come to your mind and may be it can be spoken out loud, “WOW”! I have a diverse interest in what I photograph. Life Photography is what I like to call it, photographing, recording each memorable moment of living life here on this Little Blue Dot and above. I do however lean towards photographing abandoned structures and a passion in photographing weather. Weather affects every moment that we are alive. I love to capture Mother Nature when she is, so calm as not to make a ripple on the surface of the water, or to photograph her furry during a storm chase. My storm chasing photographs are informative as well as decorative. A lot goes on behind the photographs that you see. We, my wife, also my photography partner and I, have taken an Environment Canada’s course to become CANWARN trained so when we are out there photographing the storms we can inform the authorities of severe weather. We have also taught ourselves how to navigate in the tight confines of Southwestern Ontario. Between rivers lakes and highways there is little room for error when we are out there. I will leave that for your inquiries’. Kathryn and I go by the name Photography by Phos³ and sign out pieces with our respective names. You can find us quickly at www.phos3.com or talk to us at info@phos3.com

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