Raven Kroon

Silouettes & Reflections - "Barn"

June 2014 — Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 12 : $225.00

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Artist Bio: Raven Kroon is a self-taught, artist who's work has been featured in several solo shows & many group shows throughout the US and Canada. Her artwork has been purchased by collectors & businesses in the US, Canada & Australia. She has also been commissioned to create several murals, and has traveled extensively, teaching art workshops and speaking at conventions in attendance of up to 7,000 business creatives. Her most recent honor was in April 2014 for her painting, " A State of Separation", which received the Curators Award for Merit. She and her husband live & create in their "artist cabin in the woods" on the Snye River nurturing their ecosystem, living sustainably. Artist Statement: "Now…barefoot on the dike, under the willow tree who whispered to me and invited me home, between the river and the fields, the edge of two worlds, I experience solace, the healing energies of the earth and its creatures, to a depth I’ve never known before. I breathe it all in...it ebbs and flows in my soul...and in its season...at its peak...it is harvested...released through my brush...onto canvas...onto pages...and sometimes into spoken word..." ~ Raven Kroon

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