Brianna Mulvale

Hilly Humbly

April 2013 — Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 36 : $1250.00

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My name is Brianna. At 28, I find myself dedicated to my passion and career as an artist, leaving behind my earlier pursuits to become a graphic designer. Art is something that I have always loved since my itty bitty years and, if I was not drawing or sketching, I would often find myself creating or making something by hand. Whether I found myself facing great challenges, or embracing the great moments and everything that landed in between; expressing me through whatever artistic forum inspired me in each moment and has been a constant staple in my life, grounding me in all situations. My previous full time position was working as a construction labourer for 6 years, starting when I was 19 years old. This paid for all of my education and allowed me to save for some early pursuits and materials in the arts; which paid more in experience, personal satisfaction and fulfillment, rather than financial success. I worked extremely hard, knowing it would lead me to better things; most importantly, one being my husband, who I met while working at a site that he managed. We are in our 7th year together and he has been a tremendous supporter of mine and loves that I work as a full time artist because it is my greatest passion and, following this, regardless of whether I make the big bucks, is more important. It feels like this is what I was always intended to do and he is the greatest fan of each of my pieces. My family is also very proud of what I do; but perhaps my greatest witness to my daily creations would be one of my best friends named Pluto: my dog, who acts as my little shadow and keeps me company during the day in my home studio.

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