Angela Lorenzen


2013 — acrylic/panel, 16 X 31.5 : $1260.00

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Ruler of the Roost

2014 — acrylic/panel, 12 X 12 : $500.00

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Tow Scow Horse

2014 — acrylic/panel, 16 X 20 : $950.00

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Educated and employed for many years as a scientist, Angela Lorenzen's artistic development and choice to pursue painting as a second career is far from ordinary. As a child, Angela demonstrated an aptitude for drawing and painting, but was encouraged by her family to choose a more financially stable science-based career. However, despite a 25 year commitment to scientific education and research, Angela continued to develop her interest in art and in 2009 decided to hang up her lab coat and started painting full-time. The combination of a high realism style with a sensitivity for the spirit of a subject has resulted in Angela's distinctive painting style. Travel and photography are the essential first steps in Angela's creative process; travel allows her the experience of “being there” and photography provides a reference and record of detail. Although detail provides the framework, she strives to evoke character, mood and theme in each of her paintings. To accomplish this, she spends considerable time developing dynamic compositions that emphasize movement across the painting and among focal points. Next, depth, luminosity and sharp focus are achieved by slowly building up thin semi-transparent layers of paint until a hyper-realistic effect is achieved. Angela’s paintings have been exhibited at various art shows, featured in several publications and have won numerous awards. For more details and a complete résumé, please visit her website:

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