Ralph Heather

The Sentinels

2013 — Original Woodcut Print, 14" x 28" : $590.00

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Fenced In

2013 — Original Woodcut Print with Chine Colle, 11.5" x 18" : $380.00

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Sitting In My Fargo [1st Prize]

2014 — Original Woodcut Print, 11.5" x 18" : $450.00

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Ralph Heather is a visual artist living in Paris, Ontario, focused on original printmaking using the traditional techniques of hand-cut wood blocks or etchings, which are hand-pulled in limited editions at his studio. His current body of work “Rural Detours” is a series of original woodcut prints and etchings that evoke a strong sense of place while paying tribute to the rich history of our local rural landscapes. He finds much of his inspiration not far from where he lives while exploring the countryside, searching for the missing connections to our local heritage and rural environment. Finding himself surrounded by the forgotten historic places of ancient trees, homesteads, and working farmlands, that the onslaught of progress is quickly changing.

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