Linda Byrne

Pick Me

Feb 2014 — Oil, 24 x 48 : $500.00

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Bring me an Iris

June 2014 — Oil, 24 x 24 : $400.00

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Linda lives a rural life in Arva, Ontario surrounded by nature, wildlife and her many animals. In addition to being an accomplished artist, Linda is an avid horse woman and competed for many years in Long Distance Endurance Racing. It is during these many long rides, which are for the most part completed in the forests of Ontario and the Eastern United States, where she developed her love of trees and forests. When asked about her feelings of her work Linda will tell you that each piece has a story from one of her many experiences and that these images are just waiting to be drawn from within her. She has a tireless ability to bring her entire energy to the canvas and often will not stop until the work is finished.

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