Susan Fenlon

Whiteout at Woodbine

March, 2014 — acrylic , 24 x 30 : $500.00

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Diana's Dahlias

April, 2014 — acrylic, 14 x 20 : $300.00

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I have loved all things artistic since early childhood. As a kid, my favourite subjects were English and Art (definitely NOT Math and Physical Education!) Like many of us, the demands of careers and family left little time for me to indulge any artistic leanings. Now life has moved on, kids have grown up, and I have the time to spend learning and working to develop my passion to paint. I have studied under wonderful artists in Canada and Mexico, all of whom have helped me to expand my skills. For me, a painting works if it pulls you, the viewer, into itís story. If it sparks your imagination, reminds you of a wonderful day or place, or of special people, then I have done what I set out to do. In Canada we are blessed with wonderful vistas, and beautiful scenery, which I love to paint. I welcome commissions, and would be happy to discuss a painting you want for a special occasion. I can be reached at 519-290-1770 or

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