Val West

Gone Fishing Canada Style

March 19 2013 — Photography matted framed, 17x23 : $250.00

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Ansel Adams once said, A good photograph is knowing where to stand. The local landscape of Southern Ontario is such a diverse pallett that I find myself capturing as many of the scenes as possible and transforming them into works of art.. I spend time improving my skills through self-study, by way of magazines, books and on line tutorials. Here I was able to collaborate with many other photographers. I have also posted a miriad of my images on Flickr, where I have the benefit of constructive comments from my peers in the photography world. It has been a wonderful experience to show my work in Chatham at ArtSpace, The Thames Art Gallery, in Blenheim at Downie Photos and also at Mary Web center in Highgate. The new Howard Mutual Medical Center in Ridgetown is currently showcasing some of our works of the area. I have recently expanded my repetoire to include model photography. With portraiture, I strive to create images that are more than just technically well done. I want each piece to impact the viewer emotionally. I find it very thrilling to creat images that use all of the tools available, including lighting, costuming, set design, and post production. Since it is certainly every artists aspiration to make images stand out from the crowd and bring about original concepts, I try to always evolve my forum and style. I particularly like what happens with long exposures, for example, moving clouds produce unique areas of interesting density in the sky, stars produce white lines, rough water transforms into the appearance of ice or mist. Since we live pretty fast-paced lives, it is a luxury to be able to slow down and better appreciate some of the more subtle effects of nature that we can so easily miss or take for granted. "PUBLICATIONS" "Beautiful Bruce Peninsula" info Magazine. "Photo News" 2011 a matter of time cover photo "Rondeau Forever" 2012 by William Stephen "Rondeau Forever the adventure continues" 2010 by William Stephen Photo Life Magazine 2009 Jan. 2nd PRIZE in the night photo feature "Showtime" by Epson "Chatham Kent Through the Eye of the Camera" coffee table book 2004 chosen by the mayor of Chatham, photos chosen and used as the back cover as well as inside.. A submitter and listed with "Getty Images" and seller.. Val West Ridgetown More works can be seen at

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