Yvonne De Viller


2012 — stained glass, 23.5" round : $1950.00

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Before Or After

2011 — stained glass, 23.5"H X 28.5"W : $1300.00

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I have been creating in the Stained Glass medium for 23 years. During the journey of gaining experience and creatively thinking 'outside of the box', I have developed a 3D aspect to my works for which I have become known. Embracing this difficult attribute helps my subject matters to evoke feelings or take you to 'places', giving life and new dimension to an otherwise, previously perceived steriotypical medium. Like a painting one must want to embreace the art piece and never be able to tire of it. All my work is my original design, one of a kind and signed (engraved) on the back. Originally, I was born and raised in Toronto, but my husband and I have lived outside of Shelburne, Ontario for the past 13 years loving every aspect that this lovely region has to offer. It truely has affected the subject content of what I create now and the posssibilities are endless. In Toronto I had developed a clientelle and even had the good fortune to be featured on the Marilyn Denis show (City Line TV). It was challenging to build a reputation all over again up here but it has also been very rewarding.

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