Niloufar Salimi

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2013 — Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 : $1250.00

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Niloufar Salimi has been practicing art for more than 20 years. After graduating from OCAD U, her art evolved into a more personified work of art with new painterly character. The subject of her work varies from time to time but it always involves memory and process of thinking. She visualizes a simple event. She draws and paints in layers to create space, to make it possible for the event to happen. She challenges the concept and nature of time. The event or process that she bases her artwork on it happens in past. She creates the artwork in present and hopes it carries the story to future. Niloufar Salimi is a Toronto based artist. She will attend in MFA program at Western University in 2013 in London Ontario.

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