Debbie Packer

Farmers' Road-Side Markets

May 2013 — Acrylic, 30 x 40 : $500.00

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“You will find a variety of styles and topics in my works as I love to discover new possibilities and not limit my potential, growth and language of communication. My work is inspired by reflections on my dreams, what is beautiful or imbalanced in this world, struggles with the ego and the desire to find social and spiritual connection. May you find my works to be either poignant, whimsical, emotive, serene, informative or expressly colourful.” BIOGRAPHY Debbie Cecilia (Reid) Packer was born in Pointe Claire, Quebec in 1966. Growing up the family moved often providing Debbie with an opportunity to experience many different cultures in countries such as Pakistan, Turkey, Peru and Switzerland. Debbie attended two post-secondary institutions where she received an Honours BA Philosophy (Waterloo) and subsequently an Honours BSc Home Economics (Western). She has since resided in Southwestern Ontario for over 20 years along with her husband and three sons. Debbie’s professional journey took her into the health field for a number of years, but a midlife review has opened new doors. Debbie`s journey into visual arts is a result of nurturing the creative spirit as a Jungian Analysand - examining images and reflections from the unconscious and conscious realms. Having always had an interest in art and fashion, Debbie has taken some drawing, fashion design and other visual art courses at both the university and college level over the years. She has more recently participated in several workshops in Chatham with local and visiting artists learning a variety of techniques and painting styles. Debbie works primarily with acrylic paints and is not afraid of colour.

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