Roxanne Driedger

Summer Birches

May 2012 — acrylic on canvas, 24"w x 30"h : $900.00

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Eye Catcher

July 2010 — acrylic on canvas, 30" w x 24"h : $900.00

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The Barrens

Jan. 2012 — acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24" : $700.00

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I live and work in Muskoka, Ontario and am a self taught artist. I have always had a passion for art and a strong appreciation for the natural beauty of northern landscape. Since childhood I have enjoyed pencil sketching, yet it was not until later, through artistic exploration that I discovered painting with acrylic on canvas. After my children left for post secondary education, I finally had the time and motivation to become more devoted to art. I came from a family that enjoyed spending a lot of time together outdoors. My mother always encouraged us to seek out the beauty in all things; from a dew drop on a flower to the colourful, unique patterns etched into a rocky shoreline. I then use my art as a way to share the pleasure I experience when I see such an exquisite scene. Visiting galleries and reading about art and artists is my favourite pastime. The art of William Brymner, Frederic Bazille, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Peel, Clarence Gagnon, and Lawren Harris are just a few that I truly admire. I also enjoy partaking in our local art scene and am a member of Muskoka Arts and Crafts and the Huntsville Art Society.

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