Loralie Clemmensen

Blue Skies

2012 — linocut reduction relief, 26"x24" framed : $390.00

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Fresh, First Snowfall

2012 — linocut reduction relief, 26"x 24" framed : SOLD

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Remnants [Hon. Mention]

2012 — linocut reduction relief, 26" x 24" framed : SOLD

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Inspired by the great Japanese prints and the landscape in which I live, I strive to capture the fleeting effects of light, shape and shadow in my prints. These works on paper are created using a reduction linocut relief technique. A single linoleum plate is used throughout the process and successive layers are carved into the plate reducing the surface each time. The plate is then inked using a roller and printed by hand on a press. A method of exact registration allows the paper to fall on the plate in exactly the same position each time a layer is printed. Reduction printing is an exhilarating technique in that there is no going back to correct a mistake. While there is always the risk of failure, I enjoy the challenge of "thinking backwards" and incorporating the unexpected results that appear with every new layer. Born in Toronto, I grew up in Richvale On., a rural suburb north of the city. After high school I completed the foundation year at the then Ontario College of Art. After raising my family I returned to OCAD as a part-time student and graduated with honours in 1995. I live in the countryside west of Tottenham, On where I find my inspiration and work in my home studio.

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