Val West

A Window To The Past

24x16 photography on canvas
Oct. 2010

Captured while exploring the ruins of Corran.
The history behind this great place was facinating.
In essence the estate was built by Alexander McNeil who wished to live in the manner of the wealthy Irish gentry from which he had come. He aquired 300 acres of land on the cliffs north of Wiarton, and there he recreated the Corran of his youth. Stained glass, rich brocade drapes, the best wallpaper, mahogany bookcases, limed oak paneling, and massive stone fireplaces surrounded the McNeill's collections of carvings and art works. Thousands of finely bound books comprised one of the most extensive private libraries north of Toronto. The Corran was a richly finished mansion in the best of the English country tradition.

A Winters Walk

12x18 photography framed
Feb 2010

Pristine snow fell on the pathway while on a walk in Rondeau Park. It was just begging to be captured by camera as a reminder during the sweltering days of summer.

Moonrise At Sunset

12x18 photography framed
July 2010

In the village of Erieau the sunsets are spectacular from the pier. On this particular night the clouds were bursting a pink hue all around us. At the same time the moon was rising in the east. This was most facinating to witness the phenomenon, and to capture the feeling.

I have been an avid photographer for 30 plus years now. Being a member of "ArtSpace" in Chatham let me introduce my art to the community. I love to create a feeling in the lens and see the finished print. My work has been published in Photolife Magazine, and in "Chatham Kent through the eye of the camera".
To me photography is an ever changing form of art.

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