Roslyn Levin

An Intimate Moment

3rd Place Winner

Date: October 2009
Medium: Ki/Sumi-e Painting
Dimensions: 36" x 12"
Sale Price: $840

Artist's Statement:
I had painted many horses in action and wished to paint a picture exhibiting the emotional ties between two horses in an 'up close & personal' manner.
I thought about this painting and how I would express a natural affection between the animals for many weeks before attempting the painting. The idea was to have each horse nuzzling the other, which would be an enjoyable act for both.
By the time I entered my studio, the painting was complete in my mind's eye. I could feel the closeness and love between these two horses growing within me as I chose my brush and ground my ink. I focused on the blank sheet of rice paper and moved my body with the brush, bringing the horses to life as I breathed with the rhythm of my brushstrokes.
This painting is special for many reasons not the least of which is, that unlike most of my paintings which require many attempts, the image and the emotions I wished to express in "An Intimate Moment" came together in the first try!

Spring Blossoms

Date: January 2011
Medium: Ki/Sumi-e Painting
Dimensions: 38" x 18"
Sale Price: $1300

Artist's Statement:
Apple Blossoms are one of nature's early signs of spring. I have wonderful memories of walking to school and seeing the rich pinks of the flowering crabapples in my neighbourhood and of these same wonderful flowers around the office buildings in Ottawa where I lived for many years.
In sumi-e, plum blossoms, so similar to apple blossoms, are one of what are called The Four Gentlemen one for each season. These flowers are painted as a representation of Spring.
I wanted to feel the roughness of the bark and smell the first scents of spring with the apple blossoms in full flower blowing about in the warming breezes, not only promising plentiful fruit, but also the return of youth with each fragrant breath.

Roslyn Levin has been painting professionally since 1981. Her work has appeared in both national and international exhibits in Canada as well as in group exhibits in both China and Japan sponsored by Group Yohaku--white space. Levin's paintings have been purchased by art collectors in Holland, Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

Levin's work has been selected for the City of Ottawa's Corporate Collection as well as the Perth War Memorial Hospital. Her art was chosen as the cover piece for the second book of poems by Grant Johnston titled Mirrors on Uncertain Mornings.

Grant Johnston is the great-great-great-great- great grandson of Susannah Moodie, one of Canada's greatest poets. Johnston chose Levin's work because it so reflected the mood of his book of poems. Johnston and his wife also purchased the original for the cover of his book for their own collection.

Three of Levin's paintings also appear in the book A Flower Unfolds by Kwan Yin, a non-denominational spiritual work . Three of Levin's paintings were juried into this book from amongst hundreds of submissions.

In 2006, Orangeville contracted to have banners handpainted by local artists hung as standards throughout the downtown area. Levin's work was chosen from out of over 200 banners submitted, by the mayor of Orangeville and city staff, to be used in all advertising for this project. Her work appeared in In the Hills Magazine and the local papers .

Levin is a member of Sumi-e Artists of Canada (SAC).

Levin's studio space is in Dragonfly Arts on Broadway, Orangeville

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