Marilyn Walsh


Mixed media, etching and embroidery
Silk and cotton thread, watercolour paper
Dimensions unmatted: 22 X 10 inches
Matted $200.00, Framed $300.00

Art has always been part of my life. I grew up surrounded by grandmothers, aunts and a mother who created comfort and magic out of scraps of cloth and thread. They taught me how to embroider. In this piece I wish to honour that heritage and the natural beauty of Canadian birds throughout the year.

Even though hanging out our wash in all the seasons was hard work, I loved the sweet scent of bringing in the sun and wind dried washing. Now as more people become more energy and ecology oriented, they are becoming interested in these "solar drying devices".

The embroidery thread brings energy to these pastoral scenes. There are invisible threads tying us to our home, to our place in the landscape. Those threads tug at our insides when we return to our birthplace.

I aim to represent both what is seen and unseen, both the spirit of a place and the reality. I capture a moment in time bringing images to life.

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