Jamie Kapitain

June Evening, Wellington County

oil on canvas
18x24 inches

The beauty of the rural landscape is never more intense than when the practical geometry of the agricultural fields is blanketed by the golden, evening light. Educated in ecology and landscape architecture, I paint with an academic appreciation for the value of the landscape ecological, cultural and spiritual and its functional complexity. I am interested in developing a visual vocabulary that strikes a balance between efficiency and accuracy so the challenge is to reduce the amount of information to maximize the viewer's experience. The strong lines, deep shadows and visual distance of the rural setting is an ideal subject for this challenge.

Three Winter Birches

oil on canvas
24x36 inches

The composition of this painting is designed to capture the unexpected and thrilling moment when you encounter wildlife in the rural landscape. The detail and light on the three foreground birches grabs the viewer's eye initially. When the viewer starts to explore the landscape beyond the trees, three deer will eventually be discovered. This painting depicts the rich experience of a complete landscape flora and fauna that makes time in the rural setting so unique.

Jamie grew up in downtown Toronto, summered in cottage country, studied ecology and landscape architecture in university, lived in a cabin in New Hampshire's Green Mountains and has lived in Guelph with his wife and three children for over ten years. His paintings have been accepted into important juried exhibitions including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto Art Expo, Guelph Studio Tour and Art Gallery of Hamilton Fall Art Sale and are in private collections in Italy, New Zealand and throughout North America.

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