Barbara Phair

Wash Day

“This photo reminded me of the hired hands houses back in the 1950’s”
Dimensions: apx.14x21 inches, Framed 22x28 inches


“My favourite flower to paint”
Dimensions: apx.11x14 inches, Framed 16x20 inches

Barb Phair was born in England, but has spent most of her life living in Chatham-Kent. She is a proud wife and mother of four, grandmother of nine and has recently become a great grandmother. She was a food and beverage Manager, and has been retired since 2009. Barb gave up the spatula for a paintbrush, taking up watercolour painting seriously in 2004, finally recognizing her true passion. She also dabbles in coloured pencil artwork mainly doing portraits of children and animals. She bases all of her artwork from photographs, usually ones she has taken herself. Barb has never had any formal art training, and this is her first entry in an art competition.

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