Jamie MacLean

Vanishing Point

Oil on Canvas

*price includes GST but not PST

Working in oils Jamie’s landscapes capture the emotion and sense of the subject. His paintings are about being alive and participating. His technique allows the viewer to “see” the wind, to “feel” the sun on a cold clear winter day evoking the viewer’s memories and the energy that brings.

A favorite time – the fall - is a time of transition, activity and change. The energy of the changing weather combined with colour, wind, sun and storm at the same instant is invigorating. This series of paintings was inspired by a scene near Meaford on Thanksgiving Day. A storm had left 10 cm of snow in Owen Sound and was moving east. Where we were standing was still sunshine but the purple clouds were moving up the ridge with the wind and literally removing the last leaves from a grove of trees.
Vanishing Point is about that sense as well as our impact on the rural community

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