Patricia Henderson

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

This scene is based on the view from my backyard which looks across a field. In late summer the wheat is harvested and the “leftovers” are made into bales. I always think they look so stately, marching across the landscape.

Acrylic on Canvas
12” X 24” X 1”

Patty lives in the Southwestern Ontario town of Wallaceburg. She has had no formal education in the arts, however in 2002, she enrolled in a beginner’s watercolour course offered by St. Clair College. She fell in love with watercolours from that moment on. Currently she works as a medical technician but spends most of her spare time painting. Patty has exhibited her art at the Eye for Art Exhibition in Chatham, and has also previously exhibited paintings at the Desmond Juied Art Exhibition. She was also a participant of an international watercolour show at the Georgina Arts Centre. Her favourite subjects reflect her love of nature, and include wildlife, florals and landscapes. Patty has recently branched out from watercolour to other media, including acrylics and gouache.

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