Cathy Groulx

4 Young Ladies

Oil on Canvas
40" x 40"

Awaiting Orders

Oil on canvas
30" x 60"

My goal as an artist has always been to paint what I see. I paint realistically in oils on canvas, duplicating what nature and life is, as my eye sees it. Photo references are used, and the composition is set up through the camera lens.
I have a passion for painting, and do not restrict myself to specific subject matter or canvas size. I enjoy putting brush to canvas, and never allow myself to become bored. Thus my subject matter is forever changing.
I enjoy the challenge of various complex subjects, especially the busy textured patterns that we often see in nature. My subject matter may include portraits of people and animals, buildings, landscapes, florals, vehicles, or other subjects. Each painting stands on its own merit, different from the one next to it.
The three paintings that I have chosen to submit for this show are inspired by things that I saw in the rural area where I live. Living in a rural community is a joy to me. The land draws me to it and the activity that takes place is a constant changing hive of activity- captured one moment at a time.

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