Hank Bos

Purdy Lake Sentinels

The painting was created after reviewing a series of photographs taken over several days of explorations along the shores of this small lake near Maynooth, Ontario in late summer, 2009. The style and its size reflect my current interest in interpreting nature’s features within an exploratory, responsive manner leaning towards abstraction. The long size of the work creates the sense that one is viewing this shore scene from a canoe. The two white trees on this small section of shore line have strong sculptural qualities; they stand as ancient guardians of the lush growth and the massive rocks deposited there during the last ice age. The gold leaf in the side panels reminds us that nature blesses us with her bounties, yet we are profligate and abusive in our exploitation of these.

oils and alkyd medium with imitation gold leaf on birch panels

Painting a realist’s interpretation of the world has been a vital aspect of my creative expression for more than forty years. For the greater portion of that time my preferred medium has been watercolour on paper, but today most of my work is the result of an invigorating exploration in the medium of oils and alkyds on canvas and, sometimes, on paper prepared with gesso. My work now often includes non-representational abstraction but within the realm of realist interpretations.
My paintings reflect the belief that we live in a spirit-filled world, a world that must be explored below the surface to be fully appreciated. Watercolours, gouache, and oils, as well as the occasional foray into pencil, pen and ink, and block printing, allow me to detail the astounding beauty of the simple, everyday things that surround me. Currently I have focused on creating and interpreting my personal responses to the interactions between land and water on the Atlantic East Coast and in several local lake and river areas at various locales in Ontario.
I frequently employ digital camera photography to explore and develop my oil compositions. Once my subject and its composition have been developed, I put aside the photographic images and work from life or from my sketches and own notes.
During May, 2010, my series of six paintings, SEAland, was the featured work at ARTspace (Chatham, Ontario). I will be participating with another selection of six paintings in a group show of “rural-themed” art pieces at AyrSpace (Ayr, Ontario) for the month of June, 2010. I am frequently commissioned to create watercolour or oils/alkyd “house portraits” as gifts and collectables.

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